About us

Tianjin Ocean Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.( Ocean Engineering Technology Limited)(www.567053.cn ) a council member of China Port Association and the only official exclusive agent of Britain’s Gantrail (www.gantrail.com ) in China, is a professional technique company specializing in the design of rail-fixing system for cranes and other kinds of transport machinery, manufacture and sales of rails and fastening  as well as construction technique service.
Range of service is in the following:
1.	supplying Gantrail’s crane rail clip, rubber pad and grout;
2.	supplying various specifications of imported rail, say Rail A150 and aluminothermic welding materials;
3.	processing and manufacturing various non-standard rail accessories、soleplates、anchor bolt and rubber pad;
4.	supplying imported hydraulic buffer;          
5.	supplying Gantrail girder surge connectors;
6.	providing the technical service of fastening system design and installation.
After ten years of Gantrail’s products’ entry into China mainland, its products have been widely applied to many rails of container loading bridges, coal-unloading machines in the power plant, various cranes in the steel plant, overhead traveling crane in the workshop, gantry cranes, automatic warehouses and other crane and transport equipments. The involved industries include port, crane-manufacturing factory, steel plant, aluminum plant, power plant, shipyard, automatic warehouse, and nuclear station.
Tianjin Ocean Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd.,(Ocean Engineering Technology Limited) equipped with detailed product introduction and project application materials, is willing to render for clients top-ranking service and sincerely cooperate with all walks of people to develop and launch cooperative project, mutually promoting the development of China’s crane trail system.